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New Members' Orientation Classes -  Sunday @  9:00am

New Discipleship Classes - Sunday @ 9:00am

Morning Worship  Services - Sunday @ 11:00am

Children’s Church Services
(5-12 year olds) -  Sunday
@ 11:00am

Nursery Services
(1-4 year olds)  - Sunday
@ 11:00am

Baptism Services -
2nd Saturday @ 10:00am

Holy Communion Services - 2nd Sunday @ 10:00am

 Bible Study  -
@ 7:00pm




Benevolence Ministry
Benevolence is a disposition to do good, act kind, or give of oneself as a generous gift. The mission of the Benevolence Ministry is to know and understand the Word of God, which simply states that if one part suffers, every part suffers with it; if one part is honored, every part rejoices with it. Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn. Carry each other's burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.

Boys Mentoring Ministry (Young Lions)
The boy mentors patiently assist with the growth and development of the GMCCC youth/teen boys.
We mission to make a difference in the lives of each and every boy that we encounter. We will create environments and situations that are inductive to creating friendships for life. We will enable opportunities for tremendous growth and learning in a friendly, Christian, and supportive manner

Christian Education Department
The Christian Education Department provides the knowledge, teaching, instruction, and edification that conforms to the Ways and Will of Christ for this Ministry. The mission for GMCCC CED is to establish efficient and effective ministries that ultimately change the lives of God's people that we may ultimately affect the lives of others.

Counseling Ministry
The GMCCC counseling ministry provides guidance to an individual by utilizing the Word of God, Holy Spirit and Prayer. The mission of this the Mount Calvary Christian Church Counseling Ministry is to strive to impart wisdom, knowledge, and understanding with Love. We strive to also provide answers to problems as well as be able to give understanding to possible reason for their occurrences. We further strive to promote healthy, sound, Christians for the work of the ministry and to be available for any situation that presents itself to this body that needs this ministry's directions.

Deaconess Ministry
The deaconess ministry comprises of women of faith, called out, anointed by God and appointed by the Pastor to serve the women in the body of Christ. The deaconess ministry mission is to reach out to everyone one, especially the women of GMCCC and to embrace them with word of God, in love and truth, that they might catch the vision, the work and the spirit of God, and play it upon their heart. Our mission is to seek understanding and wisdom in the work of the ministry and to be lovers of their families.

Deacons Ministry
The deacon ministry comprises of Christian men who serve as assistants to the Bishop by ministering to the body of Christ. As Deacons we shall model ourselves after Jesus Christ. We will serve the body of Christ and assist them to be knowledgeable in the Word of God. We will be the primary supporters and upholders of the vision that God has given our Bishop.

Evangelism Ministry
Evangelism is a ministry of outreach, soul winning and exhortation. It is a ministry that proclaims the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the direct intent to win souls for Jesus Christ. The mission of this ministry is to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost that they will make a decision to give their lives to Him. We will share the way, will, hope, love and joy that living for Jesus brings. We will depend on the Holy Spirit to change the hearts and minds of those he allow us to reach.

Family Ministry
The family ministry comprises of all ministries within the church. This ministry captures the family members that attend the body of Christ at GMCCC and minister to their needs as families according to Tribes (Ephraim, Dan, Reuben, and Judah). The Family ministry mission is three-fold: Mark disciples through Baptism. Make disciples through Christian Disciple classes. Maintain them through the ministry structure of the Mount Calvary ministry.

Girls Mentoring Ministry
Those in this ministry are considered to be a trusted counselor; someone who gives guidance to the youth/teen girls of GMCCC. Our mission is to bring together teenaged girls in the community to help encourage and support families that are overburdened by life's stresses. All teens involved will have access to education and support so they can meet personal needs on an ongoing basis.

Media Ministry
The media ministry records the gospel of Mount Calvary using both audiotape and audio-visual techniques. To provide the word of God to the world via audio & video production in a real-time fashion. To train our youth through the media ministry to become productive Christian adult citizens.  

Men Ministry
The men’s ministry is the process of equipping men to be effective Christian Men and world leaders serving God. The mission of Mount Calvary Baptist Church Men’s Ministry is to provide direction, purpose, guidance, and help for Christian and non-Christian men, that they might find their purpose through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. This ministry seeks to provide guidance and motivation to men, relying on the Word of God to feed, encourage and sustain them for the challenges of life.

Missionary Ministry
The missionary ministry are composed of those who will be sent to do charitable work.  The Missionaries of the Mount Calvary Baptist Church having being commissioned by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and our Pastor Bishop Donald L. Smith, will extend our love and compassion to people that have found themselves in unfortunate situations. We will make a difference in the lives of people, and by this will all men know that we are disciples of Christ.

Music Ministry
This is a ministry that produces music using acoustic, electronic and vocal instruments.  The Music Ministry sets forth as its missions to exalt Jesus Christ through high-octane praise and passionate worship. People of all nations will be encouraged and blessed as they discover the true and living God through song.

Pictorial Ministry
The photography ministry provides optical images on photosensitive surfaces such as film, media disk, paper and tapes. The mission of the Pictorial Ministry is to provide the church administration, ministries, and membership with the capabilities to establish and maintain a documented pictorial history of current actives for future use, as well as provide a church pictorial historical image archive.

Prison Ministry
The prison ministry visits the facilities that houses convicted persons who have committed crimes. They minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the oppressed. The prison ministry missions to change the man that the behavior will change. We will do this by ministering the Good News of Jesus Christ. We will provide a message of the hope, truth, and love of Christ to all that have been incarcerated.

Public Relations Ministry
This ministry continually seeks for avenues to advertise, promote, and publicize this church to the World via various media.

Prayer Ministry (Corporate and Intercessory)
The prayer ministry pleads, makes request, and communes with God on behalf of others, and this entire church. They pray for the needs, nurturing and development of the body and Pastor of GMCCC. We further endeavor to hear from God for instructions as to what we should specifically pray for. We will speak and decree the Word of God over this ministry and our Pastor, for focus, direction and leadership.

Scholarship Ministry
The education/vocational ministry seeks to assist high school students in finding the right college or vocation program which will best allow them to use their gifts and talents God has bestowed upon them. The mission of this ministry is to exemplify the character of Jesus Christ before the young people whom we will interface. We will fully support the vision and mission of GMCCC through this ministry.

Women Ministry
The GMCCC women's ministry consist of all mature adult female members that regularly meet to fellowship, worship, and learn of the things of God. The women of GMCCC missions to serve and assist others while using one’s gifts and resources to uplift and edify the body of Christ while glorifying Christ. It allows women of any age to grow in their relationship with Christ and in mission involvement.

Youth Ministry
The youth ministry is charged with the task of providing activities, guidance, and biblical teaching to youth ages 12 and under. The purpose of the youth ministry is to provide biblical teaching, guidance, and fellowship for the youth of Greater Mount Calvary Christian Church. The youth ministry will encourage the youth to live Christian lives not only at church but at school as well. Our children will have faith and respond with Christ-like integrity to their worldly culture. They will stand up for what they believe-Jesus Christ.


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