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New Members' Orientation Classes -  Sunday @  9:00am

New Discipleship Classes - Sunday @ 9:00am

Morning Worship  Services - Sunday @ 11:00am

Children’s Church Services
(5-12 year olds) -  Sunday
@ 11:00am

Nursery Services
(1-4 year olds)  - Sunday
@ 11:00am

Baptism Services -
2nd Saturday @ 10:00am

Holy Communion Services - 2nd Sunday @ 10:00am

 Bible Study  -
@ 7:00pm




 Greater Mount Calvary Christian Church was established by Jennie Serepta Dean, who was affectionately called Jennie. Miss Dean was born in Prince William County to slave parents, Charles and Ann Dean, in 1852. She received here formal education at Thornton School in Catharpin, Virginia. The highest grade at the school was the sixth grade. Jennie's education was eventually interrupted; her father had purchasedsome land in the are   a, but he died before he could finish the purchase. Therefore, it became necessary for Jennie to find employment to help here mother finish the purchase. Miss Dean worked as a cook, a maid, and a concert artist.  According to the clerk of the 19th StreetBaptist Church where Miss Dean was a member, "her singing inspired many white people to contribute money to aid here in her work".
During the time of the Independent Church Movement, Miss Dean lived and worked in Washington, D.C.  This movement was sponsored by Negroes who rejected the Liturgical practices; an air of intellectualism that encumbered the establishment of denominations. Miss Dean joined the 19th Street Baptist Church in Washington, D.C. Her experience there exposed her to a special effort aimed at educating Negroes.

This special effort was further instigated in 1866 by the National Baptist Convention. Because of the impact of the ministry at 19th Street Baptist Church, Miss Dean returned to Prince William county inspired to become involved with the education of Negroes. She sought to fulfill her mission by establishing Sunday Schools. Her first project was Calvary Sunday School, which came to be known as Mount Calvary Baptist Church, and is now Greater Mount Calvary Christian Church. Miss Dean went on to establish three other institutions: Dean Diver Baptist Church, in Wellington, Virginia; Prosperity Baptist Church, in Conklin, Virginia; and Dean Middle School, in Manassas, Virginia. Today Greater Mount Calvary Christian Church is 123 years old.

The Reverend. D. G. Henderson was selected as the first minister in 1884. There were four members on that roll. Under Rev. Henderson's guidance. The congregation acquired half an acre of land, constructed a sanctuary and increased its membership to 123.  In 1903, Reverend Henderson was called to another congregation.

Seventeen pastors and eighty-seven years later, Mount Calvary voted to call Reverend Donald L. Smith as its Pastor. And on May 12, 1990, Reverend Smith accepted the call and officially began Pastoring on June 3, 1990. Under Bishop Smith's leadership Greater  Mount Calvary has seen tremendous growth. Many people have rededicated themselves, been baptized, or joined by letter or Christian experience. We are proud to say that truly God is blessing Greater Mount Calvary through Bishop Smith.

The credit for what we are belongs to God. Despite many ups and downs, Greater Mount Calvary has continued to be a beacon of light for God. We continue to pour out to the world that the "wages of sin is death, and the gift of God is eternal life".  We can say with power and conviction, that all power is in God's hands, and with God on our side we know we will make it!

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